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Abba chat

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The magazine has been printed on glossy paper in full colour since issue No. Starting with No.

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Our special features often include in-depth looks at a particular aspect of ABBA's career, such as the group's history in a particular country Spain, Greece, Japan as well as other interesting and unique topics.

Abba chat

Member "extras" are often sent out with our issues such as postcards, stickers, cards and other fun items. German-speaking members can order a translation together with their subscription. Many of our members actively help us with the magazine by writing their own articles and submitting their photos for publication.

There are tables and chairs to have a chat and a drink together, with the bar serving food and drink all day; ABBA disco — sure, it's fun to dance to ABBA in your living room, but nothing can beat the experience of hearing ABBA songs played out loud and to dance to them in a room full of like-minded people while the music still goes on. Do you have any tips?

You'll notice there are shy people and some loud ones, some are unemployed while others have high profile jobs, and fans with ill health enjoy the day to the best of their capability. We're all there because of our mutual aba of ABBA, and so the differences between people aren't important - it's what brings us together that counts.

The atmosphere is relaxed, and you can hear many different languages mostly Dutch, English, German and French. The atmosphere is wbba, and you can hear many different languages mostly Dutch, English, German and French. What I'm trying to say is that it's up to you how to spend your time.

List of unreleased songs recorded by ABBA hot babe Melissa

Some stay from start to finish and others only for a few hours - it's all good! Of course, many of you just cannot get enough of it all and return to the Friday pub after the disco to party on and on and on.

If you're dreading to go all alone, try to get into contact with other fans before the event.