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Composing a message

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You can customize your message by using the formatting and style toolbars located above the message box. Click to send the message, with or emssage an attached file. Click to cancel composing and sending a message. Save to Drafts. Click to save a draft of your message in the Drafts folder. Select the message in the Draft folder later to re-open the message and continue composing the message.

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Select this option if you do not want your message formatted with the text styles and formatting toolbar settings. Because you are sending mail over the Internet, you may prefer to use plain text rather than adding formatting that recipients might not be able to see. Plain text is text without formatting bold, italic, composinbbullets, or alignment.

Manage User Options has an option setting "Default new message style" where plain text can be set for all new messages, replies, and forwards. When this option is cleared, the html editor is displayed for message composition.

Composing a Message — Help Mail App for iOS

Rich text messages include. By default all editor icons bold, italics, cut, fonts, and font sizes have been removed to allow quicker processing for Lite Web Client. Save in Sent Folder. Select this option to save a copy of your message the Composin folder.

Composing a Message – Postbox Support

This will automatically be checked if Manage User Options are set to "Save copy of the message in the Sent folder". Note: The options setting will cmposing the User Options setting. Save Recipients In Contacts Folder. From the dropdown list box, select the address book as the default contact folder to add the message's recipient s.

Composing and sending an message hot girls Austyn

Manage User Options has a setting "Automatically add Message as contacts" which will save all recipients to the selected contacts folder. This setting will not add a duplicate entry when an address already exists in the contacts folder. Default setting is normal. Select Low, Normal or High. A drop down list to change from the default message encoding used to send a new message. Unicode UTF Choose this character set for multi-language mail.

Choose this character set for sending mail composed in English only. Western European ISO Choose this character set for Wife wants nsa Mulberry Grove mail composng in French, Italian, Spanish, or German. Chinese Traditional BIG5.

Composing New Message hot girls Austyn

Choose this character set for sending mail composed in traditional Chinese. Alternatively, click the Address Book icon next to the To field to select the address. To send a copy to a recipient, enter the addresses in the Cc field or click the Address Book icon next to the Cc field to co,posing addresses.

Convergence meesage an address book auto completion feature. This feature needs to be enabled at the back-end Convergence server. When enabled, enter the first few characters of the display name of the recipient. The list of entries that closely match the entered characters from the Address Book appear in a drop-down list. See To send a blind copy to a recipient, click the Bcc icon.

Optionally, click the Address Book icon next to the Bcc field to select addresses from the saved list. The Bcc field appears. Mexsage the address in the Bcc field. Enter the subject of your message in the Subject field. Click the Options icon in the top toolbar. The expanded message icons are shown. From the priority drop-down list, select the required priority. The priorities are Normal, Urgent, and Low.

By default, the messages are sent with normal priority. From the Receipt drop-down list, select an option. The options are: None: Does not perform any action when the recipient receives this message.

Read: Sends a notification when the recipient re the message. Delivery: Sends a notification when this message is delivered to the recipient.