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Early morning chat 6 30am

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I just posted about my morning routineand thought you might like to know how I get up at a.

For many years, I was a late riser. I loved to sleep in.

Then things changed, because I had to wake up between mroning. But last year, when I decided to train for my first marathon, I decided that I needed to start running in the mornings if I was to have any time left for my family.

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So, I set out to make waking up early a habit. I started by getting up at a. When that became a habit, and I had to wake up at 4 a. Start slowly, by waking just minutes earlier than usual. Get used to this for a few days. Then cut back another 15 minutes.

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Do this gradually until you get to your goal time. Allow yourself to sleep earlier.

You might be used to staying up late, perhaps watching TV or surfing the Internet. But if you continue this habit, while trying to get up earlier, sooner or later one is going to give. And if it is the early rising that gives, then you will crash and sleep late and have to morbing over. Put your alarm clock far from you bed.

How I Became an Early Riser : zen habits

Never hit snooze. Now you just have to stay up. Go out of the bedroom as soon as mkrning shut off the alarm. Just force yourself to go out of the room.

My habit is to stumble into the bathroom and go pee. Do not rationalize.

Allow yourself to sleep in once in awhile. I do it maybe once a week or so. Make waking up early a reward. My reward used to be to make a hot cup of coffee and read a book.

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Other rewards might be a tasty treat for breakfast smoothies! Take advantage of all that extra time. Get a jump start on your day! Enjoy the break of dawn!

Daily routine | LearnEnglish Teens - British Council

As much as you can, look outside or better yet, get outside! Getting up early is a reward in itself for me.