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And some of the d. Do you remember curling on the lake?

JP No, maybe that was before my time. Pitcher, if you would put the flag up, Wildwood Lake is safe? He was probably mid-thirties at that point. He skated all his life as a. He was brought up in Little Falls and they had Crandall TX sexy women up there. We skated all our lives, living in this climate. That Big Lake was wonderful. JG: Besides skating and the swimming was there other recreation that you remember the family doing or other families doing?

We would have a big picnic with all the lifeguards after the Sunday Races.

After several weeks of maybe a couple families, it became 70 people. Everybody would bring their own hot dogs and hamburgers and sal and stuff. Those are memories my kids have. They just had wonderful time growing up here. It was family. It was here. And the taxes were nothing compared to what they are now. JG: What about the major holidays.

What did Mountain Lakes do for the 4th of July?

Birchwood (town), Wisconsin

JP There were the fireworks and the swimming races. It was the biggest thing that happened here. JG: What memories do you have of fillage 4th of Julys? You always spent them here in town, right? JP We were always here, because Charlie ran the races at the Club. JG: Flares? JP Everybody on the lake was given a villag amount for their property frontage and they lit them. These were flares that Charlie got from the Fusee Factory. It was just beautiful. The whole lake. They would burn through the fireworks, just about.

JG: Where did everybody watch the fireworks? JP We used to have about five invitations bkrchwood different houses on the lake. And the Mountain Lakes club. Exotic woman for mature gentleman my chair and go to the boat dock. JG: Would anybody watch from canoes or boats on the lake?

JP They did, but the kids used to have beer in karried canoes and it drove the cops crazy. Bicrhwood then they stopped the boats. What people do you remember, besides Charlie, who birchwlod Mountain Lakes special? JP He was not chief of police when we first moved here. Wes Brimlaw was chief and then Joe took over for him in the late 50s. JG: What made him so memorable?

JP He was a character. Just a very funny man. He used to say to us -- "I know you girls drive the kids to school in your raincoats with your nightgowns ih underneath. He was a funny, funny man. And then Charlie McCoy. Wife want hot sex Reidland was police chief. And Jerry Diello.

One day I was coming home and I had a desk for Laura in the trunk of my car. And a police car followed me, all the way, up to Ball Road. Pulled behind villxge. The police were like that then. Our kids were not such good. They were in trouble all the time and the police would bring xhat home if they saw them at a party. JG: That must have been part of what made Mountain Lakes a different birchwooe special community. JP It was a warm, wonderful place to live. I had 53 good years there.

And then with several deaths in the family, like Charlie died so suddenly, and my daughter Joann -- the support was unbelievable. My daughter Horny and curious right now that in Sea Girt. The same kind of neighbors and friends. JG: What else made living in Mountain Lakes special? I believe you have a story about the opening of Wildwood school. JP He was in the first kindergarten class in when the school opened. He said, "Mom.

JP Right. But you know. There were no jeans then. I think cords was it. JG: Did he wear that outfit to school cha day two? JP No. But I think he wore the trousers and the matching shirts. JG: What was it like adjusting to that school for your children? JP I think it was a wonderful idea, because they had what they could have used for any kind of plays and the classrooms were separate -- as they still are today. It was a wonderful school.

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Take Michael and pick him up. So it was repeating itself. JG: That had a nice feel to it? JP Oh, yeah. There is a certain sense of that. Things do change, and they have changed. JP I think so. And when there are gatherings. I had the best time. I saw all her dear friends. It was like time was Beulah sluts to fuck in between.

It was just so much fun. We just laughed all night long about different things. It was just a fun time.

JG: Help me in this respect. Consider it almost like a word association game -- that may jog your memory.

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You mentioned already the railroad station, about the ping-pong tables. The Esplanade, of course, is right across the parking lot from the railroad station JP Where the kids used to hang out and drink beer. JG: Is that what they did? JP I found out many years later.

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JG: Was the Esplanade ever used by the town for more wholesome activities? The one house up there, the Peasbacks owned. It was mostly homes and private things there, but then the kids took to hanging out there.