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Crocker Dept. It was felt necessary to codify these practices and provide for those features that seemed imminent. The specification attempted to avoid major changes in existing software, while permitting several new features.

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Crocker Dept. It was felt necessary to codify these practices and provide for those features that seemed imminent. The specification attempted to avoid major changes in existing software, while permitting several new features. Some of RFC 's features failed to gain adequate acceptance.

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In order to simplify the standard and the software that follows messate, these features have been removed. A different addressing scheme is used, to handle the case of inter-network mail; and the concept of re-transmission has been introduced. However, an attempt has been made to free it of any dependence on that environment, so that it can be Portland Oregon girls who sell pussy to other network text message systems.

The specification of RFC took place over tbem course of one year, using the ARPANET mail environment, itself, to provide an on-going forum for discussing the capabilities to be included. More than twenty individuals, from across the country, participated in the messate discussion. The development of this revised specification has, similarly, utilized network mail-based group discussion. Both specification efforts greatly benefited from the comments and ideas of the participants.

Ken L. SCOPE This standard specifies a syntax for text messages that are sent among computer users, within the framework of "electronic mail". In this context, messages are viewed as having tnem envelope and contents. The envelope contains whatever information is needed to accomplish transmission and delivery.

The contents compose medsage object to be delivered to the recipient. This stan- dard applies only to the format and some of the semantics of mes- sage contents. It contains no specification of the information in the envelope. However, some message systems may use information from the contents to create the envelope.

It is intended that this tuem dard facilitate the acquisition of such information by programs. Some message systems may messafe messages in formats that differ from the one specified in this standard. Note: This standard is NOT intended to dictate the internal for- mats used by sites, the specific message system features that Coles Bay mature sex club are expected to support, or any of the charac- teristics of user interface programs that hhem or read messages.

Messages can be made complex and rich with formally-structured components of information or can be kept small and simple, with a minimum of such information. Also, the standard simplifies the interpretation of differing visual formats in messages; only the visual aspect of a message is affected and not the interpretation of information within it. Implementors may choose to retain such visual distinctions.

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The formal definition is divided into four levels. The bot- tom level describes the meta-notation used in this document.

The second level describes basic lexical analyzers that feed tokens to higher-level parsers. Next is an overall specification for messages; it permits distinguishing individual fields. Finally, there is definition of the contents tem several structured fields. No special provisions are made for encoding drawings, facsimile, speech, or structured text. No ificant consideration has been given to questions of data compression or to transmission and storage efficiency, and the standard tends to be free with the of bits con- sumed.

For example, field names are specified as free text, rather tem special terse codes. A general "memo" framework messagge used. That is, a message con- sists of some information in a rigid format, followed by the main part of the message, with a format that is not specified in this document.

The syntax of several fields of jessage rigidly-formated "headers" section is defined in this specification; some of these fields must be included in all messages. The syntax that distinguishes between header fields is specified separately from the internal syntax for particular fields. This separation is intended to allow simple parsers to operate on the general structure of messages, without concern for the detailed structure of individual header fields.

Appendix B messave provided to facilitate construction of these parsers.

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In addition to the fields specified in this document, it is expected that other fields will gain common use. As necessary, the specifications for these nessage will be published through the same mechanism used to publish this document.

Users may also wish to extend the set of fields that they use privately. Such "user-defined fields" are permitted.

General Information

The framework severely constrains document tone and appear- ance and is primarily useful for most intra-organization communi- cations and well-structured inter-organization communication. It also can be used for some types of inter-process communica- tion, such as simple file transfer and remote job entry. A more robust framework might allow for multi-font, multi-color, multi- dimension encoding kessage information.

A less robust one, as is present in most single-machine message systems, would more severely constrain the ability to add fields and the decision to include specific fields. In contrast with paper-based communica- tion, it is interesting to note that the RECEIVER of a message can exercise an extraordinary amount of control over the message's appearance.

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The amount of actual control available to tem receivers is contingent upon the Bundanoon needs someone to show me around of their individual message systems. The differences from standard BNF involve naming rules and indicating repetition and "local" alternatives. Angle brackets are messgae in rule definitions, and in the rest of this document, whenever their presence will facilitate discerning the use of rule names.

Wherever this construct is used, null elements are allowed, but do not contribute to the count of elements present. That is, " element , element " is permitted, but counts as only two elements. Therefore, where at least one ele- ment is required, at least one non-null element must be present. Default values are 0 and infinity so that " element " allows anyincluding zero; "1 Find Jamesville requires at least one; and "1 2element" allows one or two.

This is a simple way of including useful notes in parallel with the specifications.

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It is separated from the headers by a null line i. For convenience, the field-body portion of this conceptual entity can be split into a multiple-line representation; this is called "folding". Note: While the standard permits folding wherever linear-white-space is permitted, it is recommended that structured fields, such as those containing addresses, limit folding to higher-level syntactic breaks.

For address fields, it is recommended that such folding occur between addresses, after the separating comma. Certain field-bodies of headers may be interpreted according to an internal syntax that some kessage may wish to parse.

These fields are called "structured fields". Examples include fields containing dates and addresses. Other fields, such as "Subject" and "Comments", are regarded simply as strings of text. Field-names, unstructured field bodies and structured field bodies each are scanned Bloomsburg casual encounters their own, independent "lexical" analyzers. Rules of folding apply to these fields, so that such field bodies which occupy several lines must therefore have the second and successive lines indented by at least one LWSP-char.

Rather than obscuring the syntax specifications for these structured fields with explicit syntax for this linear-white-space, the existence of another "lexical" analyzer is assumed.

This analyzer does not apply for unstructured field bodies that are simply strings of text, as described above. The analyzer provides an interpretation of the unfolded text composing the body of the field as a sequence of lexical symbols. These symbols are:.