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This group is very casual; there is lots of time for mom directed chat and questions. We have discussion topics each week to keep the conversation flowing. We talk about fun and necessary topics over the 6 weeks we are together. Karen Ruby at gkruby isp.

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By Rachel Chapman November 5, Group chats are everything when it comes to family and for spilling the tea, of course. The two members of your fam you solve the problems of the world with every day are probably your mom and your sister.

Together, you stay on top of every update, which is why it's time to choose from these group chat names for your mom and sister convos to make your gossip sessions official. A generic name just won't cut it, so it's time to give your main chat something really special. While you do use your mom and sister group chat for the typical checking in texts and sending family photos, it's mainly used for all the scoop that grops to be addressed.

How else are you supposed to know the status of your cousin's relationship or when your favorite aunt got a brand new puppy? These are important details that can only be delivered to you through your group chat.

It's time to give your main chicks a fun title, like any of these 75 mom and sis group chat names. Go with something sweet or a reference to your fave movie. If you're having a hard time choosing, a pun is always a great choice.

Once you decide on a name, you'll be ready to go back to groupps and spillin' the hot tea with your favorite ladies. Got It From Our Mama 2. My Gene Pool 5. It's Always A Par-Tea 6.

Ya'll Look Familiar 7. Like Mother Like Daughters 8.