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Category recognition starts here, at this moment.

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Category recognition starts here, at this moment. We cannot share our vision for americam American Single Malt Whiskey ASMW can be as a category if there is no consensus amongst ourselves as to what it is that defines us. Coming together as a group to collectively certify a vision for the future allows us to take the next step together, as a unified front.

The combined force of a growing of ASMW producers in the United States can then be brought to bear to address our shared mandates, the most pressing of which is a Standard of Zingle. Formulating, proposing and securing a Standard of Identity for ASMW simultaneously establishes a bulwark against parties that do not favor producers or consumers and builds a base from which the category can grow.

Consumer education is necessary for the category to succeed. First and foremost, we believe that by securing a formal Standard of Identity, consumers will benefit from a further understanding of how single malt whiskies are produced in this country. This establishes trust in the category itself and helps consumers make well-informed purchase decisions.

Educating the consumer will also benefit producers as consumers will be equipped to shop by category and ultimately compel both retail and the on-premise to recognize the category seriously. Defining a platform around which all ASMW producers can unify promotes all singlr producers. Adhering to the ethics, goals and mission of the ASMWC provides each producer with a categorical platform on which to build brands.

Shared space at tasting events which includes educational materials referencing the participating producers brings widespread attention isngle the category while highlighting distinct producers as well.

Our work will illustrate what we have in common with other regions, but also provide a baseline from which we can distinguish our category. In the end, the goal is to better compete with other regional single malt brands and around the globe based on the merits of our product instead americann competing against a lack of knowledge.

The effort being put into this movement is aided by the natural momentum building behind this category. Recognition of ASMW is now at an all-time high, with producers winning awards and competitions outright at the national and global levels.

To formally establish this category now als to the world that not only do we believe in our own distilleries, but we also believe that this america can produce single malt whiskey that is respected and enjoyed around the world.