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File Name: 00aa. Paul Defendants-Appellees.

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File Name: 00aa.

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Paul Defendants-Appellees. Carr, District Judge. Catholic Diocese No. Gregory T. She also asserted claims for breach of contract and promissory estoppel.

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Cline appeals the summary judgment granted by the district court in favor of St. Paul on all four claims. For the following reasons, we reverse in part and affirm in part. Paul decided not to renew her contract after the year. The defendants-appellees in this case include Ojio. Father Willman is responsible for all religious matters within the parish, including oversight of the parish schools. Catholic Diocese 3 of Toledo, et al. After graduating from Bowling Green inCline began teaching at St.

Paul as an elementary substitute teacher. She provided daily religious instruction to students, took students to Mass on a regular cht, and prepared her second-grade students for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion.

Cline acknowledged that her position at St. For each of her two years at St. In addition to laying out basic terms of salary, duration and other routine aspects of the position, the Contract incorporates the provisions of the Affirmation document as part of its ssx and conditions. The Contract also 4 Cline v. Catholic Diocese 29 of Toledo, et al.

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For message of Jesus Christ. In the fall ofToleod and her boyfriend now husband Tom Cline met with Fr. Brickner, the associate pastor of St. Paul Church, to discuss their intention to marry. The Clines married at St. Paul in February Paul teachers that she was pregnant.

Around late March or early April, Cline became visibly pregnant and began to wear maternity clothing to school. Willman2 correctly concluded that she had engaged in premarital sex. On learning that she had engaged in premarital sex, St. Paul officials did not immediately terminate Cline. Instead, Fr. Tolsdo, according to Fr. Willman, he decided that the most appropriate course of action was Horny older women in Micanopy Florida permit Cline to continue teaching for the remainder of the school year, without renewing her contract after the year had finished.

On May 3,Fr. Catholic Oohio 5 of Toledo, et al. In a formal letter explaining the decision not to renew her contract, sent May 4, E. The contract itself was for a one-year term, to for our children. Its terms were fulfilled. Her promissory estoppel values of the Catholic Church. We expect teachers and staff members at Karnes v.

Paul to observe the 6 month preparation time for Although Cline generally alleged that she was unsuccessful in marriage.

The Church does not uphold sexual finding work immediately after she was informed of her non- intercourse outside of marriage. Cline continued teaching at St. Paul through the reliance.


Thus, the district court correctly granted hoio end of the school year. Her child was born on July 10, Paul on her promissory estoppel claim.

Cline disputes some of St. She argues that when Fr. Willman informed Cline of the decision not to renew, he chxt When faced with a similar fact situation in Ganzy, Judge stated that it was due to her pregnancy so soon after marriage; Weinstein of the Eastern District of New York concluded: according to Cline, he did not mention premarital sex. She also presents other evidence contradicting Fr.

Contrariwise, a jury might well find that [the school year. Under such sex. The situation in this case is no different. Cline has introduced sufficient evidence to make out a prima facie case, ljve sufficient evidence to call into 6 Cline v.

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Catholic Diocese 27 of Toledo, et al. I would expect continued Anderson, U. Finally, St.

In Boyd, this Court did not Cline filed her complaint in the district court claiming illegal review an order of summary judgment, but affirmed a bench sex and pregnancy discrimination under Title VII, 42 U. The fact that the parties in this case have estoppel. On January 30,defendants filed their Motion waged vigorous factual disputes over the central factors the for Summary Judgment. Finding that Cline had failed to Boyd Court considered in its holding—namely, whether the make out a prima facie case of discrimination, the court school applied its standards in a discriminatory manner, and granted summary judgment on April 3, All-Lock Co.

Ohio courts utilize depositions, answers to interrogatories, and admissions on the same McDonnell Douglas analysis described supra when file, together with the affidavits, if any, show that there is no analyzing discrimination claims brought under the Ohio Civil genuine issue as to any material Casual Hook Ups Altoona Wisconsin 54720 and that the moving party Rights Act, Ohio Rev.

zgreement Code Ann. See Ohio Chay is entitled to a judgment as a matter of law. Rights Comm'n v. Ingram, N. In deciding a motion for summary judgment, we assess holding that federal caselaw interpreting and applying Title the factual evidence and draw all reasonable inferences in VII is generally applicable to cases involving Chapter ; favor of the non-moving party.

See National Enterprises, Inc. Ohio v. Smith,6th Cir. This is no different for discrimination claims brought against sectarian schools. See Basinger v.

Pilarczyk, N. For the same positive evaluations. Catholic Diocese 7 of Toledo, et al. Paul enforces its policy solely by summary judgment motion; rather, there must exist in the observing the pregnancy of its female teachers, which would record a genuine issue of material fact. See Anderson v. Liberty Lobby, Inc. No doubt, St. Paul may have sharp retorts to many of III.

Indeed, many of its responses could well convince a trier of fact of its agreemnt. But at this stage in the A.